Looking to the Future

I think CSS values should be able to follow mathematical formulae. Forget sheer percentages — at the very least, allow squares and logs. I believe CSS3 is coming out with expressions, but I’m not sure if you can plug those into the height/width sorts of values. If so, that would be pretty amazing. I’ve got a lot to read, on the W3C documentation.

I did some looking at jQuery, but I’ve otherwise done very little this past week. That will change, as of this night. I’m going to get some PHP done. I’ve also really got to look into SSL and other security technologies. HTTPS? I can only guess.

My website still looks like I used some sort of template, which isn’t a good thing (except that it looks clean). I wonder if some frilly borders and a soft minty background will help; I think, at the moment, that the problem is all the pure, blank white under the menu. A touch of red might help.
I still have… lots to learn about design.

On my plate:
-Mastercard/Visa/etc (E-commerce stuff)
-Design (Both element layout and colour swatches)

Ha! It seems today’s Wondermark captures the spirit of my job hunt: http://wondermark.com/494/
Not that I actually go for interviews, or apply for jobs. The thing is, I read through what they want of me, and I think, “Well, I couldn’t do that in a professional setting!” MTS had a position open where it seemed I’d need several years work experience where I’d have been working with servers and stuff. That’s… not me.
Really, I’ve spent this past month building up my web designing skills, and got a couple jobs of it. I feel like I’m finally at the point, besides quibbles about design and some of the higher-end stuff like PHP pages, where I can actually go into work with my skill.
If I spent a couple weeks with any of my other old courses, I could work myself up in that respect, too, but I’ve still got long to go in web design, so I’ll stick with it. I’m usually a jack-of-all-trades, but you really do need to specialize right in the beginning.


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