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I got my business cards done through Manitoba’s only London Drugs. It was apparently Clint — the photo-station manager — who printed them up, and he did a good job. The quality is very fine, the margins are where they should be, and they’re all very straight-edged. There’s a bit of a colour bleed, or something, but it’s so small I had to turn the card around just to make sure it wasn’t my eyes doing it. Someone with sharp eyes and a feel for colour will get the distinct impression that the lower left edge of each letter is blue, but it’s not distinct enough to actually see it. In other words, only ninjas would have a problem with this card.

The card itself isn’t printed on card stock; rather, the set was printed as if I got a whole bunch of 2″ x 3.5″ prints. I could probably make 4″ x 6″ business cards, too, but I’m not sure I’m really crazy enough to do that.
So if you flip the card over, it says “FUJIFILM” and “Fujicolour Crystal Archive Paper.”
What does it mean to have them printed as photos? None of those CMYK circles all over the place. The set of 50 cards was $10 ($0.20 each), but cheaper business card retailers can be incredibly hit-or-miss. Also, the first thing I notice is how tremendously black the black is — it really does stand out. I chose a matte surface, so it’s all textured and shiny. The contrast is absolutely perfect.

I love them.

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