Chrome 2.0(.x.x)

Chrome 2 is out!
To this day (but no longer!) I’ve been hesitant to point people to Chrome.
“Chrome is great,” I’d say, “but…”
Not only did it have no support for extensions, but it also rendered some things badly. Certain selectors didn’t do quite what they were supposed to, and the big header image at Unstoppable Robot Ninja would turn opaque and grey and really ugly when you hovered over it. Overall, the browser really WAS a 1.0 — it worked, but it had bugs and was lacking all sorts of features.

All fixed! At least, all the ones I was keeping an eye out for are fixed. They also implemented full-screen, which was something I had missed. I had resorted to using IE8 for full-screen, because firefox doesn’t fill the entire screen.
I remember when Chrome didn’t work with Hotmail. I’m not sure if the older version still doesn’t, but 2.0 does (I just tried it).
And on top of that all, they’re starting to get extension support.

So, as of today, Chrome is my official browser-of-choice. If someone needs extentions, I’ll refer them to Firefox, but otherwise I’ll talk about Chrome and how it’s faster and slimmer and simpler.

At the moment, I’m basking in the glory of surfing full-screen on an HD monitor with the zoom set way up to double-size.


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