Standards in Practice

Livejournal is actually fairly advanced. I’ve checked some of their features, such as the pull-down menus, and everything seems to be up to recommended level. No tables anywhere, id attributes for styling, the page looks great without styles, and they link to some javascript to provide extra features, such as roll-up menus in the user info.

A lot of big business sites, meanwhile, have tables and inline styles and spacer graphics and flash.
Some of those sites include, Scotiabank, ePost, and W3Schools. Surprisingly, the Government of Canada home page is relatively compliant, if a bit messy. Facebook, of course, is highly advanced.

Speaking of Facebook, it seems they just redid our home pages. We can actually sort by group, now! I’ve been waiting for this, because my feed was stuffed full of random stuff I didn’t care about. Now I can easily tell it to display only the people I really care about watching.
Furthermore, on a whim, I decided to try dragging the group I wanted, which was on the bottom, to the top. It worked. The site really is advanced.

On another note, one bad thing I will say about jQuery is that things which are drag-and-drop-able sometimes accidentally get their text highlighted when you drag your cursor over them. Then again, I’ve had google maps become all greyed over and selected, when I clicked and dragged. It might be a Chrome thing. I should try it in other browsers.

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