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I used IE5 today.

I think most places using IE6, or even IE5, are also places which are very locked down, and most usually can only access their own system. This means it’s not incredibly important to develop according to IE5, and sometimes IE6, but it also means their market share is technically higher than what we see.

As I used a locked-down computer, though, I once again realized that I just couldn’t handle it. Quite simple, I will not work for a company where I can’t run my own programs. I visited my old highschool, today, and they had so many restrictions that it was hard just to copy an image from my flash drive to one of the computers. Frankly, I’m surprised the flashdrive was able to install itself.
-No right-clicking
-No accessing C:
-No executing programs (it used to be we just needed to rename them ‘wordpad.exe’)
-No copything things to the desktop
-Only a few megabytes of space on a network drive
-No scrollwheel on the mouse

The library was further restrictive, and wouldn’t allow me to view source. View source! It’s like my bread, and they took it from me, as well as the wine of my freedom. I was starving, on those machines.

While I was at the school, I talked to a teacher there who teaches students about business plans and stuff like that, in the hopes that he might be able to refer some start-ups to me. He pointed me to Modern Earth Web Design, which is a Winnipeg business about ten years old that the school has worked with for a while. Something like that.
Apparently, Winnipeg is becoming a hotspot for web developers. Who would have guessed?
Modern Earth is apparently the largest web design company in Manitoba, but I had done some searches for web designers in Winnipeg and they had never come up. Luck of the draw, I suppose.

So, I’m going to have to do some contacting, and put myself out there. I’ve got my heart set on freelancing, really, but maybe I could get some recommendations or a few pointers. I could always freelance while working somewhere.

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