My Wishlist

Christmas is coming up!
Sometimes, I feel like life is whizzing by — wasn’t it February just a few days ago? I’ve gotten a lot done, but it always feels like I’m losing a day here and there. Soon, it’ll be Christmas again.
The most annoying thing about my Christmases is that I never know what to ask for. I just don’t really want anything. This year, I’ve created a list of all the things I really, really want:

  • 1920×1200 OLED Monitor with portrait rotation
  • eSATA/USB external SSD, 128GB
  • 800-lumen LED pocket flashlight
  • Large Wacom Intuos tablet
  • compact binoculars

I’ll never be able to afford any of that (besides the binoculars, but I only threw that on as an afterthought).

What about everyone else? What kinds of flagrantly expensive toys do you want?


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