Just Some Updates

I’m going to have to integrate Captchas into my sites, soon. I’ve lately been the target for ever-blooming waves of spammers. I came back from five days of vacation to inboxes (inboxi?) that each had twenty pieces of spam, where I’d usually get about three. One inbox was spam comments to this blog, while the other was an abused form at my Cozy Cabbage site.

In other news, mobile internet, from whichever carrier, seems to have periods where pages just won’t load. MTS is giving me a hard time and failed pages, while Rogers usually lets me get through if I only load one page at a time.
On the topic of mobile internet, I was able to check my routes with Google Maps from my cellphone while I was on the road between provinces. I love cacheable maps, too, because you can then check them anytime. What I hate about the app on my phone, though, is that if you’re looking through the cached maps and find a patch that needs to be downloaded, the application will quit if you don’t allow it to connect. Considering that I switch my phone’s SIM card with my mobile modem’s, I’d have to do some juggling to allow it to download (because otherwise I’ll be paying a few dollars to download a patch of map).
I also discovered that my phone is nearly useless at browsing webpages, and completely useless at signing in or logging on. I guess it was a little $60 thing, but still. I think I want an iPhone, sometime.

I only have 150 new feed items, which isn’t bad. I’ll get through that in a couple days.

Why am I throwing you all this relatively-uninteresting stuff about my weekend? Because I’ve been busy, and I’ll continue to be busy for the next few days, and so I’m just updating on anything that might be somewhat tech-related. I have no clue when I’ll start getting work done again, but at least I’ve been living cheaply on other peoples’ food!
I got a good deal of advice from some family members, as well as a connection from a Second Cousin (his cousin’s husband, or something like that, from the Netherlands).

So, within the next few hours/days, I plan on dramatically expanding on things like usability on my site. Also, while reading back entries at Burningbird’s RealTech, I saw it mentioned that I can include inline SVG on documents sent as xml (obviously). So I’m going to have to try that. Object, embed, and img don’t really cut it. I’m also going to have to try percentages again.
I’ve realized that I did use-cases in college. I was busy with other courses, so I didn’t pay attention in that one, and I didn’t even realize it until I read the word ‘actors’ on another site. Luckily, I still have my course files.

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  1. AD Burrows says:

    Go with iPhone, stuck with Rogers. You might also consider the Blackberry Storm; it has similar capabilities and it’s a bit more robust, plus the battery is swap-able, it takes MicroSD cards and there’s a CDMA version that works with Bell or Tellus.

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