I was trying to get everything working in the database for The Embroidery House, but I couldn’t seem to log into root, and the user I was logging in as didn’t have the privileges to make tables. What I did was altered the ‘user’ table and changed my permissions from N to Y. That worked, and I can now make tables.
Which is odd, because I originally didn’t even have Update privileges.

I don’t like databases. They’re incredibly touchy, and seem to stop working from one place to the next. Maybe it was just me, and I had some stupid syntax errors, but Yahoo does, too — when I use the buttons on the phpMyAdmin site, it adds apostrophes that invalidate the code. I suppose they’re using a phpMyAdmin that’s supposed to be working with PHP5? I’m pretty sure people were being urged to transfer over in 2007, and support officially ceased in August 2008. What can you say about a business that charges $12/month for hosting, but takes years to update their software? They could at least give me the ability to choose.
Their MySQL is also a version behind.

Also, I mentioned before about how some people are dropping support for IE6. I’m looking at market share, and at the moment that would be like completely dropping support for Firefox. Except that IE6 really SHOULD be dead, which would be one reason to do it.
Safari takes both 4th and 5th place, with v 3.1 and v 3.2.

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