Opera Mini 4

As I sat in the mall, today, I wished I had a laptop or something. I wasn’t in range of an open wireless hotspot, which I’d be able to use with my DS, and my phone was just generally crappy on the internet.

When I was downloading Opera, I had browsed around and found Opera Mini, which told me to visit a certain URL with my phone. I remembered that, and decided to try it.

As it turns out, everything about it is ten times as amazing as what my phone came with. I could set the text size down smaller, and was able to rotate the screen so I hold the phone sideways. I thought my phone had really poor memory, but it turns out to be perfectly capable. Pages suddenly load fast, and I can switch between small pages in the blink of an eye. I can visit large sites, which gives me an overview, and I can zoom in to regular size when I want to see things close up. The text containers are all squished to my screen’s width, and the cursor auto-snaps to those thin columns, which makes all the text very easy to read.
The '1' button acts as a right-click, and then I can use * and # as function buttons to refresh the page, load bookmarks, or change the settings.

I had never been able to log into Twitter, and I was never able to post on some other sites. Now I had no troubles at all. Everything worked perfectly!

Really, I can’t get enough of it.

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