Opera 10

Most of you know, by now, that Opera 10 is out. They’ve updated their engine, have gotten a new icon, and have had the UI redesigned by the very talented Jon Hicks (the guy who rendered the Firefox icon).

What does this mean for you?
Opera 10 introduces a bunch of new features. Opera Turbo gives you extra speed and less data-transfer, if you don’t have all the bandwidth in the world. Unite allows you to host documents on your own computer. Support for web fonts and advanced styling means you’ll see well-made pages as the designer intended them to be seen.
You can also put the tabs wherever you like—top, bottom, left, right; it’s all fine! You can even stretch the tabs to reveal thumbnails of each page you’ve got open.
Meanwhile, you get all the Opera classics: the ability to disable images, the option to do away with min-widths (and thus horizontal scrollbars), a whole host of accessibility options, and a relatively quick start-up (something that Firefox can’t brag about).
And did I mention that it’s beautiful?

So check it out. You can have any number of browsers installed on your system without affecting any of the others (and, in fact, I’d recommend it).

If you have a cell-phone, I recommend also trying Opera Mini. You’ll realize that most cell-phones have something so shameful it shouldn’t be called a browser. Opera will fix that right up.

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