The source of my inspiration is a man that I’ll never see, and who I can’t prove exists.
He is… Future Me.

I’ve written him a letter, a couple years ago. He hasn’t received it, yet, and won’t for another eighteen years. I do wonder what he’ll think when he reads it. I also wish I could get a letter back from him.

I also imagined what it would be like to send a letter to Future Me every day, and eventually tell him what Past Me was writing to me that day.
We should all have a broader relationship with our futures, because they have such unlimited potential, and because we can never know them completely.

Actually, you can do this today: Make a private blog, either as some separate WordPress(/etc.) installation or as a new blog on Livejournal or something. Write an entry each day, as if you were talking to the person you imagine you’ll be in twenty years.
Who is this person? Are they married? Do they have kids? With twenty years of fog between you, you just can’t be sure. Maybe you’ll feel daunted, because you imagine they’ll be a big professional who would look down on you.
Maybe look twenty years into your past and imagine what you’d say to yourself.

I think this would be a good experience for everyone. Most people don’t ever stop to think beyond the next two or three years.


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