Your First Web Site

Does anyone remember their first web-site?

No, not the first site you built; I mean the first you ever saw. It’s so completely commonplace and so far in our past that no-one ever thinks of it, but it must have been a pretty special event, when you get right down to it.

When I tried to remember, I thought back to the first computer I’d ever played with, and how it had that oddly-annoying “Please wait a moment” message. What’s a moment, anyway? I was only six years old.

I can’t remember the first computer I saw with internet, but I suppose it was one of the brand-new computers our lab was furnished with in our little village school in Vermillion Bay, Ontario.

I suppose, having been introduced to the computers and the internet, the first pages I visited would have been video-game-related.


3 Responses to “Your First Web Site”

  1. Kevin Kozakewich says:

    Mine was google! lol

  2. Jason says:

    Netscape from the Netscape Navigator browser…unless of course you go back to the mainframe days where it wasn’t sites, but telnet sessions to chat clients both between colleges and inter-campus

  3. BandonRandon says:

    I don’t remember but i believe it was around 1998. I remember Yahoo and Lycos where the two big wigs on the internet. I also remember only being able to get online at high schools and universities. HTML marquees, text everywhere. Oh the days of Tripod and Geocities.

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