Art, Design, and Inspiration

I went to school as a computer programmer (and analyst); and yet, when I started creating websites, I found that design was integral to anything I had to do.

When most people think of ‘design’, they think of art and imagery. They imagine a creative spout of inspiration that makes something ‘edgy’ and new and good-looking.

That’s not design.
Design is the intelligent application of goals around limitations and road-blocks. When you design a page, you’re finding a host of different needs and working with what you have to fulfill those needs.

In this way, design is inherently different than art. Artistic expression is all about reaching into your mind and somehow sharing that with the world. Design, in contrast, is about studying every facet of your work to determine what needs to be done, and how to make it work the best it can. It requires intuition and intelligence and an uncanny knack for seeing every connection.

Next time you’re making something, take a moment to think about how it’ll be used, and who’ll be using it. A good design will take you to whole new heights.

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