Facebook, then Cufón

Wait, I’ve been on Facebook for two years? I was trying to remember where I first heard of it, and followed some random memories back to early 2007. Jeeze, what a year.
Oh, I remember sitting downstairs. Yeah, it would have been May, so a bit less (just a bit less) than two years. And then I invited my sister, and then she, being one of ‘those’ types, invited literally everyone in her hotmail contact list, including my mom. How awkward.
I remember that what really attracted me to it, though, was the idea that everyone would use their first and last names, and upload a real picture of themselves. I had never seen that before, anywhere. There was also a certain class to it, and people weren’t able to give themselves horrid colour schemes or load up auto-playing music or otherwise destroy their profiles. In essence, Facebook was no accident; they were a first, and introduced something so important I sometimes wonder why we never got it before. That would be like Google starting up two or three years ago. And us using nothing but ISP advertisement directories (whatever it is I heard they did back then) to find what we needed until we discovered the search engine.

Just because news needs to get out in every way possible:
How better to blog than to blog about a blog blogging about whatever it is you’re blogging about?
Cufón is a new technology developed in an attempt to allow web developers to finally have random favourite fonts on their pages, instead of the usual Arial and Times and whateverelse.
I’ve developed a Test Page on The Embroidery House.

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