The Awesome Foundation

I’ve started the wheels turning on this, so it’s time I talked here at length about my ideas.

The Awesome Foundation is an organization founded in Boston in 2009 to make things awesome. The idea is simple and powerful: Ten people come together, each donates $100/month, and the resulting $1000 grant goes to whichever applicant was judged to have the most awesome project.

To date, there have been grants given for microbial laser tractor-beams, a materials petting-zoo, bio-inks, peer-to-peer cellphone networks, grassroots mapping, and more, from chapters created in San Francisco, Providence, New York City, Boston, Ottawa, and London.

Now: I want to create one in Winnipeg. I’ve notified the Foundation, I’ve created a Twitter account, I’ve talked to the local creatives, and I’m writing this here. Things are falling into place, and I hope we’ll be able to give our first grant within the next two months.
There’s lots to do!


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