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I’ve changed the default theme to match my site, and switched the navigation links to point here instead of that other page.
Oh, I should put those couple entries into this blog.

I was looking around, and I noticed how disgusting this site is. I hadn’t even started on server-side includes, when I did up the pages; as a result, I have to use replace-all to change the navigation links. Also, the stylesheet is laying about with the other pages, which looks odd. I don’t know why I didn’t put it in a styles folder right off the bat.

I’ve got to rethink my colour scheme, look at what other people are doing with link colours, fix up some layout issues that I just didn’t do right, maybe rethink the layout completely, add a rippled-glass effect for the icosidodecahedron (when it goes behind the semi-transparent body), fix up some terrible wording, and add more content.

I was poking around at Visual Lizard, today, because I’ve sort of adopted them as my rivals. Forget that they’re at least four classes ahead of me, with ten years and as many employees under their belt.
If I’m ambitious, though, I could catch up with them. It seems a lot of them have overlapping technical skills, and the fact that their site seems rarely updated means they don’t get absolutely everything done now.
Anyway, what I found was that they had a page where they make a great case for you to hire them. If you’ve seen my landing page, you’d know that I’m missing the point completely. I’ve got to make lists of things I can do, and then a list of what potential clients would want, and then make the lists match up. At the moment, I sound like a desperate schoolboy, which isn’t really what I am (though I’ll be at least one of those things, in a couple months).

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