Windows 7 RC to be Released

“The eagerly-awaited Windows 7 Release Candidate 1 will be… made generally available on May 5…”
Who would have guessed we’d be hearing such an odd phrase? I’ll bet you anything that’s why they made Vista suck so bad: So people really NEED the next version, and follow the news of it until it comes out.
I was hesitant to buy a computer until Windows 7 came out, because I wanted to completely skip over Vista. As it turns out, I may be able to do just that!

They’re still clinging to a 2010 release date, apparently, but we could see it by September, or perhaps in a month.
So… anywhere from now to a year. Kind of a big range.

In other news, I think I’m falling in love with Google. From little things, like adding a little 3D button in Chrome as a joke, to organizing the YouTube Symphony Orchestra.
The whole aesthetic of the company is refreshing and beautiful, and they’re not afraid to do something wacky and non-mainstream. Take, for example, the fact that they’d change their google homepage logo (as they often do) for obscure days that no-one’s heard about, even though those sometimes cause controversy in the media.

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