Site Update

I’ve started on the overhaul. The first to go were the tabs, which just didn’t really fit the site. I’ve actually found that tabs make it very hard to create any-width sites, because they have a tendency to wrap is really bad ways.

I decided that icons really resonated with me, and so I made up a little set. I’m not proud of them, but a couple turned out good. I’ll improve them later, and maybe eventually add some scripting to help with the dynamism.

Some might also notice that the icosidodecahedron in the background becomes rippled when it goes behind the content. A better example is here, where I found the concept. I’m going to have to search around for the technique he used to get that rippled-glass effect. I’m sure I’ll eventually learn that he used rippled glass to get that rippled-glass effect.
Maybe I should try a dirty-window effect (I don’t really have any rippled glass around). You could play with the concept, of course, and maybe have a person in the background who’s face changes depending on which element is floating over it.
There’s a lot of fun stuff out there.

So far, the layout was my top priority. Tomorrow, I might start on the wording.

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