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Typographic Masturbation

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

I’ve sometimes said I’m sick with Typography. When I look at type too much, I get that feeling like I’m just doing it too much and it’s working me instead of me working it. Typographic masturbation, is what it is. You just can’t do that too often.

When I was going to the Fringe Festival with my younger brother, he had pointed out a sign somewhere, and I was dissecting the typeface. I think it must have been Clarendon. Then he smacked me, and I realized that the sign was printed in English, and that it was telling me something. It’s like my mind has narrowed to three or four topics: I’ll keep an eye out for typography, logos, and design, and I’ll completely miss all the other stuff around me.
So yes, a return to basics is necessary.

When walking up to the side door of my brother’s house, I noticed a “USE THE SIDE DOOR” note by the front porch, out of the corner of my eye, and knew instantly that it was set in Calibri. The first thing I said to my brother, when I walked in, was to ask if he had recently purchased Microsoft Office 2007.

Yes; he had.

Typographically, it was like blowing my nose and then staring at the damp tissue. I’m an embarrassment to myself.