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Url Shortening

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Short URLs are still confusing. The best use I’ve seen is for people to attach a home-made short URL on the ends of their blog posts, so people can post using that. At a glance, you know which site it’s leading to and that it’s reputable.

Even then, I’m sure people still submit those links to shorteners like and My idea is as follows:
On your site, you’ll have a page which takes in a URL from your site and outputs a shortened URL using your sites URL shortener.

Shortening services could parse their URL to find the domain, send that domain’s URL shortener the link, get a shortened link back from that domain, then serve that. Or maybe that particular shortener would see if the length is above a threshold, determine that it’s too big, and just serve a regularly-shortened URL, instead.

Maybe it could find the path to the shortener by reading an entry from robots.txt, which we’d fill out with information. It’s worth a thought, at least.