Nintendo DS

With the purchase of a simple flash cart from any one of a number of competing companies, you can store any program you wish on your Nintendo DS. Development kits have since come out, courtesy of groups of people who spent years and years tinkering with the inner registries of the DS hardware.
In October of 2008, I got my own DS Lite, as well as a CycloDS Evolution flash cart from Team Cyclops. Using a 2GB MicroSD, I've loaded up all sorts of home-coded applications, called homebrew.
As I develop, I'll tell you about it right here, once I've actually started coding things. All I've got, so far, is a small "Hello World" demo.

Working on:

Learning - At the moment, I'm getting the hang of everything and running through tutorials. I'd love proper documentation.

Future Ideas:

DS2WIN - Production on this ended some time ago, and I'd like to continue it. I'll do some research on image formats, because I'd hope PNG or GIF would be quicker than JPEG. I'll see if it's possible to increase the speed toward an acceptable 12 FPS (rather than the 1-5 you usually get). I'll also try to give priority to the input, so it's not slow and doesn't key ten of the same letter, and I'll fix all those keyboard issues.

Two-part client/server program - Basically, a program to sync a chosen folder on your computer with a folder on the MicroSD. It connects to the client, and then it replaces documents. The only problem I can see is when you edit a file on the computer and in the DS before syncing. Either priority will be given to one, it'll keep backups, or I'll find out how to merge documents.

WorDS - Or some similar name. WordpaDS? It'll be a text-editor with multi-font support, Bold/Italics/Underline/Strikethrough/Etc, paragraph alignment, and everything else you need to read or save an RTF file.

Something like WintenDoS, but better? - I might. WintenDoS itself is pretty horrible, as it's only a bad simulation of Windows rather than an emulation. I understand that the DS really isn't powerful enough to do much, but they could at least figure out some sort of threading thing, so you can have a few programs open at once.