Java Programming

I've got a certain amount of java, .NET, and powerbuilder under my belt. I'll add applets here of some of the things I've been doing.


This scrolls through a number of random pairings. Some seem quite wise.

String Modifier

This is a handy program that does a few things with strings. At different points in my life, I had needed to reverse strings, and then alternate the caps, and then invert a code from A-Z (for those of you who play notpron).


Who doesn't like a good game of noughts & crosses? This is a fairly simple implementation of the game.

Generated Applet

This doesn't look like anything amazing, but it's a sample output from a program I made that lets you make your own applets. I may continute to develop it.

This program is the first scribbles into my attempt to create a program that'll write novels. It would use randomly-generated events, and should keep track of events as they happen.
So far, it's relatively simple and uninteresting, and has a few bugs.